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Why Sky Financial

Sky Financial is a fully independent and whole of market financial advisory service, delivering high quality services to people who need sound and trusted advice. Our ethos is to deliver traditional values, modern thinking and transparent advice, always putting our clients needs first.

Together we will build an effective financial plan for the future, to help you achieve your goals through four simple stages:

  1. Initial evaluation
  2. Strategy and Recommendations
  3. Decision and implementation
  4. Review

1. Initial evaluation

Conducted with no fee or commitment, initial meetings are by appointment.

This is an opportunity to understand your current financial situation and to discuss your immediate needs and your life goals.

You may be seeking general financial advice, or you may already have a specific need you would like us to help you with. Whatever it is, we can discuss your needs in detail to suggest a suitable strategy and agree your aims and priorities with you.

To make the most of your initial evaluation meeting, it would help to have knowledge of your personal information. For example, details of any partner, children or other dependents, your employment status, how much you earn, what income tax rate you pay, and what financial products you already have.

During the meeting we will provide you with our Client Agreement which details our service options. It is important information that will help you to understand how our independent advice process works. We welcome questions throughout the process to reaffirm your understanding every step of the way.

2. Strategy and recommendation

Once we understand your circumstances, attitude to risk and goals we will present our recommendations to you in a clear and transparent way.

We will guide you through our detailed research and analysis reports, reaffirming your understanding. We will summarise your current financial planning, empahsising any shortfalls and setting out a tailored strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.

Typically for pension and investments we will complete a risk profile assessment to asses your attitude to risk and which asset allocation models best suit your investment needs.

At this meeting, we will clearly outline the costs involved to proceed with our recommendations. We will provide you with all the documents you need to decide on whether to implement the recommended strategy.

3. Decision and implementation

Once you have had time to consider our recommendations and fully understood the options available to you, we will invite you to discuss your decision and how we are going to implement it.

Throughout the process, we undertake to deal with all the paperwork, applications and provider requirements, ensuring that the entire process is hassle free and time efficient for our clients.

We are committed to deliver results that meet your needs and objectives.

4. Review

Over time, your personal circumstances and goals may change. Your portfolio will be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure we continue to meet your objectives in light of the market and any legislative changes.

We will invite you to attend regular review meetings to discuss any such changes and our recommendations to ensure your finances continue to work hard for you. Our sophisticated portfolio analysis tools allow us to be a step ahead and to provide you with a clear understating of all aspects of your portfolio and any changes that need to be made.

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional ongoing service to maintain a successful long-term relationship with you and to make sure your finances run as smoothly as possible.

Our business has been built on a referral basis and a trust built relationship.

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